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                Brief introduction to the products


                XD1 series electricity meter box is widely used in centralized management of electric energy flow of residential areas, apartment buildings, office buildings and others.  A small circuit breaker and fuse are equipped in the electricity meter box, having the functions of overload, over voltage and short circuit protection. The rated current of electric energy meter and fuse is determined by the designer. The box body material can adopt high quality steel plate spraying or stainless steel shell.


                Comditions of Use





                1. Ambient air temperature should not be higher than +40 ℃ or lower than -5 ℃. The average temperature within 24h should not exceed +35 ℃.

                2. The air is fresh and clean. The relative humidity shall not exceed 50% when the maximum temperature is 40℃, and the greater relative humidity is allowed at lower temperature, for example, it is 90% at +20℃;However, the influence that the temperature change may generate condensation by accident should be considered;

                3. Altitude should not exceed 2000M;

                4. Indoor installation, and during the installation of the equipment, the gradient between the equipment and vertical plane should not be over five degrees.

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