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                Brief introduction to the products


                XL-21 Series Power Distribution Cabinet is suitable for the low-voltage power distribution system of power plants, substations, petrochemical, metallurgical and mechanical factories and mining enterprises and high-rise buildings for the conversion, distribution and control of the electric energy of power, power distribution, motors and the control centers. XL-21 power distribution cabinets have two types. The cabinet with height of 1700mm and 1800mm is of the common type (P type), which is independently installed. The coil-in and coil-out holes can be opened on the top of the cabinet according to the requirements. The cabinet with the height of 1900mm is of buses type (M Type). There is a removable cover board on the top of the cabinet which is convenient for the installation and removal of the buses.


                Structural Characteristics and Functions


                For the cabinet, the framework is made up of profile steel, and the door plate, side and rear blanking plates are removable. The installation plate and side beams can be adjusted. The installation and maintenance are flexible and convenient, the structure is compact, and the universality is good. The fine casting adjustable door hinges are used. It is more than an angle of 135° when the door opens. The mounting brackets inside the cabinet can be adjusted as a whole after the electrical components are installed. The incoming and outgoing cables can be installed according to different working environments with strong universality. It can also be used with the combination of multiple sets of cabinets.


                Technical Parameters







                In accordance with Standards: IEC439, GB7251.1, JB/T9661

                Rated Voltage: AC400V

                Rated Insulation Voltage: 660V

                Rated Current: 630A,400A,250A,160A,100A

                Rated Short-Term Withstand Current: 30kA

                Shell Protection Level: lP30

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